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Ace’s Garden

  • Branding / Design & Print
  • Ace’s Garden
  • Start Date 08 August 2021
  • Handover 23 August 2021
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Even gardener’s need something to shout about

We first met our client when we needed some landscaping done. We were very impressed by this young entrepreneur’s enthusiasm and attention to detail in his work ethics, however, although he had a brand name he did not have a logo or any marketing material. So we got to work to help shape the success of this budding individual looking to establish his business as a professional garden and landscaping company.

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Showcase your talent with landscape design

We crafted a simple yet captivating logo but also skillfully incorporated it into a comprehensive branding strategy for the entrepreneur's marketing materials. This cohesive visual identity not only portrays professionalism to his gardening services but also ensures that his business stands out.

We used earth colours green and brown to compliment the business name. The chosen colours represent nature, carefree, comfort and stability.

Emblem: The leaf works perfectly as part of the brand name as it relates to the gardening industry.

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With Innovative Igloo's design solutions, this young entrepreneur now has a strong brand presence that communicates trustworthiness and expertise to potential clients, setting him on a path to flourish in the world of gardening and landscaping.