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Infinity Nails & Spa

  • Consultation / Branding / Design & Print
  • Infinity Nails & Spa
  • Start Date 24 June 2021
  • Handover 28 July 2021
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When your nails do the talking with style

Following a thorough consultation with the owner, we embarked on an exciting journey of creating all the marketing requirements for Infinity Nails & Spa salon. We recognised the need to establish a compelling brand identity from scratch, this endeavor encompassed crafting a captivating logo that would resonate with our client’s target audience.

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Where nails become the main focus of design

We designed price lists, loyalty cards, business cards, gift vouchers, and eye-catching posters, each element serving as a visual testament to the salon's commitment to excellence. To enhance customer convenience, we generated a digital QR code that seamlessly linked to their online booking system, facilitating hassle-free appointments.

Vibrant bold brand colours representing luxury, sexuality, joy and class. The style is simple and resonates well in the beauty industry.

Emblem: The nail varnish was chosen as it represents the brand name very well.

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The QR code became an integral part of all the printed materials and to showcase the salon further, we produced magnetic vehicle signs to advertise the salon on the road. We were pleased the outcome was well received by our client and their customers.