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The Fat Cat Shack

  • Branding / Design & Print
  • The Fat Cat Shack
  • Start Date 26 April 2022
  • Handover 10 May 2022
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Making your pet the star of a Logo brand

Our client sought an original and personalised logo featuring their beloved family cat. The brand name ‘The Fat Cat Shack’, had to include the main star of the logo as the focal point of the business name. The design direction called for a lively, vibrant, and visually appealing style, aimed at attracting customers to our client’s mobile home-cooked food truck.

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When your mobile catering trailer has style

The concept of the cat comfortably seated on a cushion, donning a chef's hat, perfectly aligned with our client’s vision. The food truck was painted in a sleek black, incorporated the logo's elements through vinyl applications in the brand's distinctive colors. This final design was warmly embraced by customers and well received overall.

Bold brand colours used representing warmth, success, flamboyance, happiness and freshness.

The style stems from the imagination of a cat sitting by the fireplace while food is being made.

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We extend our gratitude to our client for choosing us to bring their cherished cat into the entire design journey. After all we captured the perrrrrfect pose and in such style!