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Beauty Within

  • Consultation / Branding / Social Media Complete Marketing / Design & Print
  • Beauty Within
  • Start Date 31 July 2023
  • Handover Still Ongoing
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The expectations of beauty and perfection

Innovative Igloo had the privilege of collaborating with Beauty Within on a transformative journey. Expanding from a beauty salon to offering a comprehensive portfolio of aesthetics and laser hair removal services, Beauty Within recognised the need for a redefined brand identity.

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Using aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty

We started by designing a new logo that perfectly aligned with their vision of simplicity, intelligence, and allurement, reflecting the sophistication of their evolving services. In addition to this, we played a vital role in setting up and optimising their social media platforms to establish a strong online presence.

To ensure brand continuity, we created new consultation forms, marketing materials, promotional videos and engaging social media posts that seamlessly reflected the essence of their brand throughout all the materials.

The brand colours represent warmth, natural, elegant and attractive. The face within the first letter worked well with the business name.

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This has allowed Beauty Within to confidently move forward, showcasing their refined brand identity and diversified services to their clientele whilst we continue to support their growth.