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Sovereign Coaching

  • Consultation / Branding / Social Media Complete Marketing / Design & Print
  • Sovereign Coaching
  • Start Date 20 February 2023
  • Handover Still Ongoing
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Turning a purpose into a positive outcome

We embarked on a collaborative journey with Sovereign Coaching, a business headed by an experienced certified coaching expert dedicated to providing mental well-being for professionals. We began by crafting their unique brand identity, an essential foundation for their distinct service offering.

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Excellent coaching, helping leaders shine

This involved not only creating a captivating visual identity but also extending our support to develop a comprehensive business plan. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we facilitated their online presence on social media platforms.

This extended into continuous business consultancy, where we meticulously designed consultation forms, marketing materials, promotional videos, engaging social media posts, and dynamic presentations.

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This has allowed Sovereign Coaching to establish a robust brand image and effectively connect with their target audience in the realm of mental well-being coaching for professionals.