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Redflag Wellbeing

  • Website / Consultation / Videography / Complete Marketing / Design & Print
  • Redflag Wellbeing
  • Start Date 10 August 2022
  • Handover 22 November 2022
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Brand design and complete marketing solution

We were initially selected to create a logo for Redflag Wellbeing that would represent the specialised supported housing service for vulnerable young individuals and adults offered by the company. This led to consultations that defined the entire company vision. We were able to seamlessly integrate this intricate vision into every facet of the creative work undertaken from the brand design to the marketing materials, videos and website.

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The brand serves as an emblem of empathy

The brand style needed to represent the company’s ethos, therefore using a scripted font to represent the flow of life with an eagle as an emblem of strength encompassed the versatile nature of the service provided by Redflag Wellbeing, and the support given to their service users.

The colours were selectively chosen as they represent ambition, spirituality, sensitivity and freedom. Ethos: Inspired / Hopeful / Relieved

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The marketing materials were thoughtfully and strategically designed to portray the consistency in the brand colours, designs and multicultural approach. This was also duplicated in the website, and using digital innovation we created short videos of the CEO, Amanda, to amplify and express key points about the services and care given to those in need. Thank you Amanda for entrusting us to bring your vision into reality.