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Artificial Feature Walls

  • Creativity / Interior Design
  • Artificial Feature Walls
  • Start Date August 2021
  • Handover July 2023
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Using greenery and flowers to create a welcoming environment

At Innovative Igloo, we love using our creativity and what better way to do it than showcase our design expertise by crafting custom designed greenery and flower walls for businesses and restaurants. We even create bespoke backdrops for those special events that require a unique personal touch.

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Making blank spaces look more attractive

These unique installations infuse a sense of ambiance into the surroundings, transforming spaces into inviting and visually captivating environments. This also works well by adding neon signage to the walls and creating a social media point to advertise the business or event.

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These botanical features of greenery and flowers adds a touch of natural elegance to any setting, creating a positive impact, well-being, reduced stress and boost overall mood. This portrays a healthier and more pleasant environment.