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  • Consultation / Signage / Design & Print
  • Fortel
  • Start Date 16 November 2021
  • Handover 19 January 2022
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Signage that speaks louder than words

Innovative Igloo proudly earned the trust of Fortel for the comprehensive project of crafting all the internal signage for their prestigious new offices. Our journey with Fortel commenced with extensive consultations, where we collaborated closely to understand their vision.

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Using creative design to show your business values

Through the creation of artists' impressions, we envisioned how the signage would seamlessly integrate with the office's aesthetics using vinyl and etching techniques.

Our partnership extended beyond the office walls as we provided solutions for various branding needs, including printing vehicle vinyl graphics, personalised labels for their hard hats, business cards, marketing brochures, and eye-catching pull-up banners.

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Working closely with the team at Fortel allowed us to deliver their vision of how the offices needed to look, and across all aspects of their business with their marketing material.