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Optimus Flooring

  • Branding / Signage / Design & Print
  • Optimus Flooring
  • Start Date 04 May 2020
  • Handover 21 September 2020
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A luxury flooring company that transforms your floors

Our journey with Optimus Flooring commenced with a unique and exciting challenge. Tasked with creating a logo that would encapsulate the essence of the company, we drew inspiration from the iconic film Transformers and its heroic leader, Optimus Prime. The fusion of this cinematic influence with the world of flooring design was a concept that excited both our team and the visionary minds behind Optimus Flooring.

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Using a modern design to capture the vision

The result was a logo that not only paid homage to the legendary Autobot leader but also conveyed strength, reliability, and transformation—qualities that aligned seamlessly with the company's ethos ‘Transforming Your Floor’.

We used the trending combination of green and graphite for the brand, and it worked well with the font style. The colours represent balance, harmony and freshness which goes well with a flooring company.

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This successful collaboration naturally evolved into the development of a cutting-edge website, serving as a comprehensive portfolio showcasing Optimus Flooring's extensive range of flooring and carpet solutions. The website reflects the company's dedication to quality and innovation with high quality flooring options using visual images of all the product range.